Breakfast & brunch menu

At Albinan’s breakfast and brunch, we serve a high-quality and seasonally inspired breakfast buffet with an emphasis on breakfast items. During brunch, we also have a plated dish. Vegan and gluten-free choices, among others, are available upon request, in addition to the buffet options. Feel free to ask our staff for more details.

Our breakfast selection includes:

-Teemu Aura’s bread
-Finnish archipelago bread
-Traditional meat pie & `jaloviina´ mustard
-Karelian pie
-Cream cheese
-Egg butter
-Tapenade or hummus
-Seasonal jams
-Fresh vegetables
-Port Salut cheese
-Smoked ham
-Cold-smoked salmon
-Roasted raw sausage
-Roasted vegetables or vegetarian sausages
-Boiled eggs
-Scrambled eggs
-Baked barley porridge
-Seasonal overnight oats and whipped semolina porridge
-Turkish yogurt
-Albina’s granola
-Finnish berries
-Sweet bun pudding
-Fresh juices
-Coffee and tea

Additionally, during brunch, we serve:

-Plated dish
-Cheese and fruit assortment
-Dessert from Patisserie Teemu Aura

During breakfast and brunch, it is possible to order specialty coffees, sparkling wine, and drinks such as Albina’s mimosa and bloody mary for an additional charge.

We reserve the right to make changes to the menu.